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Workforce Strategy™ is a product of
The Hill Group, Inc.

The Hill Group, Inc. combines its strengths in strategy and business planning with a distinguished history in economic development to provide a unique focus in the workforce development arena. The Hill Group understands the dynamics of workforce development and the impact that workforce changes impart for employers, workers, and policymakers.

As a firm with over 50 years experience in providing advice and council, The Hill Group is proud to have served regional, state, and local governments and Workforce Investment Boards in developing comprehensive workforce strategies, some of which include:

Cluster and sector based strategies to meet economic and workforce development goals 

Creating conditions for economic vitality where the needs of employers and workers are met and prosperity can be achieved for all citizens and communities 

Framing workforce development as a critical economic growth strategy 

Strategies for collaboration and stronger partnerships

Developing policies and strategies to help close critical skill gaps

Creation of public-private partnerships 

Increasing flexibility in workforce programs to respond to demand

Focusing on performance management and measurement 

has been selected by the Workforce Excellence Network to be included in the
WEN Technical Assistance
Provider Resource Bank. The WEN Peer Review Team approved THE HILL GROUP because of our proven training history and strong dedication to the workforce development field in the areas of leadership and quality management.

To speak with a member of The Hill Group's Workforce Strategy team, call 412-722-1111 or e-mail us. You may also visit our Web site for more information on other products and services offered by The Hill Group.

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