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Thinking Differently About Human Capital

If you want to get ahead in business, you have to think and perform quite differently than your competitors.
Creating inventive, breakthrough products and services requires a new level of thinking - Thinking Outside
the Box.

In many ways such inventive thinking needs to be applied to the development, attraction, and retention of a
quality workforce for our region, a workforce that is prepared to meet the demands of the Financial Services
industry and an industry that can meet the demands of an ever-changing labor pool.

The 2001 Southwestern Pennsylvania Financial Services Workforce Summit began a process that
challenged our community to think outside the box, to Think Differently About Human Capital.

Human capital represents more than a workforce, it is the knowledge, the commitment, and the opportunity
that drives our region. The Summit challenged leaders representing employers, educators, government and
the community to examine the opportunities and issues affecting the workforce; to develop a regional, action
agenda; and to agree on a new approach to investing in the people who make business possible.


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