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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Addresses Critical Healthcare Workforce Needs!

The Hill Group is working with The Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board and the Pennsylvania Center for Health Careers (PCHC) to support their role in developing a strategy to address the following three issues:

  1. Pennsylvania ’s Nursing Education System Capacity
  2. Pennsylvania ’s Retention of Health Care Workers
  3. Pennsylvania ’s Clinical Education Initiative  

Nursing Education System Capacity Initiative  

The PCHC launched the Nursing Education System Capacity Initiative in 2004 to identify the major issues relating to Pennsylvania ’s nursing education system capacity and to develop the most appropriate response.  The Hill Group provided technical assistance during all phases of the project.  

The Nursing Education System Capacity Initiative helped the PCHC to secure funding for six initiatives to support nursing students and nurse educators through the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation (PHEF) and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). 

To read the full report of recommendations for addressing Pennsylvania's nursing shortage, please click on the report logo below or click here.

For more information, official press releases are available at:

PHEAA's Higher Education Gift Initiative to Benefit Hundreds of Thousands of Pennsylvania Students

Rendell Budget Focuses on Improving Workforce Development System

Retention of Health Care Workers Initiative  

The PCHC established the Retention of Health Care Workers Initiative in fall 2004 to recommend ways in which the Commonwealth can increase the proportion of nurses who remain in health care over their professional career.  The Hill Group provided technical assistance to the Retention Working Group.  The full recommendation and technical report, The Retention of Health Care Workers in the Commonwealth will be available in June 2006. 

Clinical Education Initiative  

The PCHC’s third project, The Clinical Education Initiative, was created to address the challenges of clinical education identified during the Nursing Education System Capacity Initiative.  The goal of this Initiative is to create action items and implement the recommendations regarding clinical education put forth in the Addressing Pennsylvania ’s Nursing Education System Capacity.  The Hill Group is providing numerous services to this initiative including the drafting of a white paper and recommendations that will be released in fall 2006. 

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